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What To Focus On In School

  • Good Habits

  • Cleanliness, Organization, Disinfection

  • Prep

  • Polishing

  • Good Customer Service

  • Understand Your Worth

  • Goals

  • Time Management 

  • Personal & Business Budget

What Helped Me

  • Setting Goals

  • I had a clear vision

  • Time Management

  • Keeping Up With Good Habits

  • Always Open To Learning

What To Look For In a Salon

  • Find a salon that fits your style

  • Will they train you?

  • What are your end goals? 

  • Money

  • What will your employer supply for you


About Us

  • Face-paced work environment

  • Vibrant and fun - lots of engagement with clients

  • Service forward - receptionist

  • Transparent with clients and employees

  • Employee focused business model

  • E-file salonServices: Natural nails and nail enhancements such as gel caps, hard gel, multi-flex gel

What We Look For

  • Part-time/full-time

  • Hire all experiences

  • Good work ethic

  • Service forward

  • Self-sufficient / Problem-solver / proactive

  • Willing to learn / positive attitude

  • Team-oriented

  • Creative / expressive

What We Provide

  • Will educate/train on products and services

  • Will provide all tools and materials

  • Commission-based, with guaranteed hourly minimum

  • Sick Pay 

  • Working on health benefits for the future

  • Provide continuing education

  • Racial inequity and impact training with the YWCA

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