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Jacqueline Le brings over 16 years of experience in service throughout various industries. Her upbringing within a restaurant family has informed her ability to identify the layers of effective customer service. She recognizes that a good product alone cannot suffice for success - service is paramount to a well-rounded customer experience. This training has been fruitful when she pursued the bar and hospitality industry in the Chicago market and recently since opening Little Palace on King St here in Madison in Jan 2022.

She quickly found her footing within the nail industry after finishing her professional training. Pairing with her background training, she brings her meticulousness and obsessive personality to work tirelessly to learn all current innovations and techniques to the nail business.

Jacqueline has focused on the classics of the nail industry to set her foundation - acrylics, dip powder, gel polish. She's ventured further to more contemporary techniques - hard gels, soft gel caps, e-filing, health forward pedicures. Her creative toolsets have a little bit of old school and a little bit of new school - air brushing, ombrés, hand-painting designs, stamping, crystals, mylars, glitters, and foils. 

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Madisen Clark has been doing nails since the spring of 2018. She originally set out a career path in hairstyling to specialize in curly type hair. However, the stars did not align at the time and was suggested to try nails for the time being.

"What went from being an in-the-meantime situation quickly turned into a passion - aka obsession - over nails and I haven't looked back since."

Their obsession with nails has propelled their specialization in natural nails, overlays, and bespoke nail artwork. Like a true artist, she's still exploring her creative style while collaborating with each new set along the way. If it seems like it can't be done - it's likely that they'll find a way.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and had launched her own press-on kits and nail health products before returning to work during Covid. She hopes to revamp her approach to offer these products again in the future.

Since joining us they've continued to grow their nail skills and have taken on leading the team as General Manager.


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Leah Ramsey has officially been doing nails since the fall of 2021, but she got a couple of years of experience in doing nails for her friends and family while she was still in high school.


Leah might be lightning-quick in her service times but the end result is everything you asked for and more. She loves long nails and short nails just the same with or without art, but if you want pink she might love your nails just a little more than the others.

This sweet Cancer will serenade you through your services while filling you in on all of her current reads and shows she's binged. She's ready to be your new bestie with all the hot reccs.

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Haley Schneider has been honing her craft of nails since the fall of 2021. She dabbled a bit and found her interest in the industry by starting to do her nails in 2019.

When she's not at home hanging with Biggie and Lucy ( her two cats), she's at The Shop creating little works of art. Haley's primary interest is doing detailed nail art, especially on extensions and overlays, as these have the most space for the most fun.

Her Scorpio sun might lend her to seem a little mysterious, but underneath it all, she's a sweet, sassy gal who loves to get to know her clients and make sure they leave with a set that makes them feel good.

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Ann Marie Loeser started doing nails professionally in 2021. 


As a nail tech she is driven to help clients look and feel their best. Don’t ever feel ashamed of the state of your nails, that’s why you came to see her! 


Whether it’s filing to their desired shape, finding the exact color they had in mind, or getting the art just right, her favorite thing is when clients look down at their nails and say “Perfect!”.


Ann Marie's housewives tagline is “Good at everything, not great at anything!” 


She has a lot of hobbies and loves playing all sports. If she could go back she probably would have trained to be a pro wrestler. On her days off you can find her hanging out with her loves Jae and Dae! 


In the near future she is hoping to use her knowledge and abilities to be a cosmetology instructor. 

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Janie Almaguer started doing nails in 2019. A transplant from Texas, she's decided to brave the cold of Wisconsin and tackle building on her experience as a nail tech.

"Life is not perfect, but your nails can be."

Janie's passion for nails is centered on providing a manicure that leaves clients feeling better than when they came in. She loves to take on the challenge of nail art as she's continuing to grow her skills. Although her favorite color is black she loves to use bright colors on nails to make them pop.

When she's not at The Shop Janie spends her time with her kiddos, watching horror movies, and cooking up delicious meals, sending us all pics of the plate so the FOMO is real. 

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