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Jacqueline Le brings over 14 years of experience in service throughout various industries. Her upbringing within a restaurant family has informed her ability to identify the layers of effective customer service. She recognizes that a good product alone cannot suffice for success - service is paramount to a well-rounded customer experience. This training has been fruitful when she pursued the bar and hospitality industry in the Chicago market and had gained measurable success with the two.

Recently, she has completed professional training within the nail industry and has quickly found her footing within. Pairing with her background training, she brings her meticulousness and obsessive personality to work tirelessly to learn all current innovations and techniques to the nail business.

Jacqueline has focused on the classics of the nail industry to set her foundation - acrylics, dip powder, gel polish. She's ventured further to more contemporary techniques - hard gels, soft gel caps, e-filing, health forward pedicures. Her creative toolsets have a little bit of old school and a little bit of new school - air brushing, ombrés, hand-painting designs, stamping, crystals, mylars, glitters, and foils. 

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